How to Trigger Routines With Amazon Echo Buttons

The Bluetooth Echo Buttons by Amazon were released as an affordable Alexa device in the year 2017. These Buttons claim to work as buzzers while playing trivia hosted by Alexa.

Now, in 2018 these buttons received an update which enabled users to trigger their Alexa Routines.  Routines allows Alexa to conduct many pre-set functions at the same time. For example, just one Routine can switch off the smart bulb in the room, tweak the thermostat to ambient temperature. You just have to tell Alexa goodnight or hit on the Button.

What is the importance of Amazon’s Echo Button?

While it is impressive to control your AI with voice inputs, but it may not always be suitable or convenient.

Suppose you are browsing your Kindle and your other half is sleeping soundly next to you. If you use voice commands to get Alexa to switch the light off, then your better half may get up from sleep. In such situations, a button to turn the lights on will be a more convenient option, and you can place it on your nightstand,

Voice controls are great, but they aren’t always the right fit for the job at hand. Also, these buttons are created to be child-friendly. So you can gift one to your child this Christmas.

Here’s how you can use Amazon Echo Buttons for routines

Pairing the Echo Button with Alexa

It is not a difficult process to set up Echo Buttons. Echo button has a pair of triple-A batteries. After inserting the batteries, long press the button until the orange light starts flashing, signifying that the Button has entered the pairing mode. Ensure that you are near the Echo device you wish to pair the Button with. After that, command Alexa to set up your Echo Button. Alexa will then locate and pair the Button within moments.

You should know that the batteries are locked in order to keep the Button child-proof. To open the battery case, you will have to use a small screwdriver.

Making the Button a trigger for smart home routine

Launch the Alexa application on your smartphone or tablet and select the options button located in the top left-hand edge. Select Routines to navigate to the Routine screen. Hit the + button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Hit the When this happens button and choose Echo button. Now, hit the Echo Button to pair it with Routine.

Creating the Routine

After selecting the Echo Button to the trigger for the Routine, you can unleash your creativity and determine the task of the Routine.

In order to do so, hit the Add Action button. Now, just select any option according to your preference.

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