August 3, 2018 – Install Office 2016 Setup,

When the computers were first introduced, people naturally assumed that it would drastically reduce employment. However, we now witness the entire world embracing the wonders of technology. This has happened primarily because Microsoft has changed the way we view technology. It is no longer seen as a threat. Rather, it is an aid through which we can get our work done faster and more conveniently. Microsoft Office 2016 is a recent addition to the series of productivity suites by Microsoft. You can get it by going to

Microsoft has been a significant player in transforming our lives and how we make use of desktops, personal computers, and now laptops too. The shifting force that propelled Microsoft to such great heights is the Microsoft Office Suite. It is a set of productivity tools that enable the user to carry out a range of tasks and actions. One can create, format, view, and edit documents in a matter of a few clicks here and there. What’s more is that the files and documents created over Microsoft Office 2016 are incredibly portable and can be circulated with ease! It is easy to gain inputs and insights on your work by simply sending it through email. For the receiver, it is easy to make the necessary edits, and thus, it collectively works towards a cohesive work environment.

Download Microsoft Office 2016 Setup

You will need a stable internet network connection for downloading MS Office setup. Follow the download process given below for Office 2016:

  1. Power on the computer.
  2. Launch the browsing software of your choice. Microsoft Edge is recommended.
  3. Head over to
  4. Use your Microsoft account email and password to sign in.
  5. If you do not have an account, then go to Create An Account.
  6. If you have more than one Microsoft accounts, then ensure that you are logged in via the same account used to purchase Office 2016.
  7. You can also sign in with your work or school account.
  8. In the main Office webpage, click on Install Office.
  9. Click on the Install option. You may choose a different installation language. You may also change the Windows bit version.
  10. If you are using your work or school account then, click on Install Office apps.
  11. Choose the Office 2016 option and add the preferred language. After that, click on Install.
  12. Now, the Office 2016 setup will get downloaded.

Install Microsoft Office 2016 Setup

After downloading the Office 2016 software, it has to be run and installed. Follow the installation process given below for Office 2016:

  1. Here is what you need to do in correspondence to your browsing software:
  • Microsoft Edge: Click on Run
  • Internet Explorer: Click on Run
  • Google Chrome: Click on Setup
  • Mozilla Firefox: Click on Save File
  1. After that, click on the yes button when prompted by the User Account Control window to let the application make changes to your computer.
  2. Now, the installation will begin.
  3. The screen will show a bar which will tell the installation status.
  4. All the programs of Office 2016 will be listed on the screen.
  5. When the installation process is over, you will be prompted with “You are all set!.”
  6. Watch the tutorial which will auto-play on the screen.
  7. After that, choose the Close option below Click Start.

Activate Microsoft Office 2016 Setup

Without activation, you can only use the Office 2016 apps for a period of 29 days. Therefore, follow the activation process for Office 2016 given below:

  1. After installing Microsoft Office, you can start working on the programs by simply opening them.
  2. Most of the times, the suite is activated after opening a program for the first time or you can go to
  3. Click on the Accept and start Word button and agree to the Microsoft terms.
  4. Now, in the Microsoft Office Activation Wizard, select “I want to activate the software over the internet.”
  5. Click on the Next button.
  6. Enter the 25 characters alpha-numeric product key in the window.
  7. Your Office 2016 is activated now.

Microsoft Office 2016 Applications

  • Word

Microsoft Word is a multipurpose text processing tool that allows you to create textual data files. Along the same lines, the tool allows you to modify, format and view previously created files. It is popularly used across all platforms and allows you full customization even before you take the hardcopy prints of matter.

  • PowerPoint

PowerPoint is an application that allows you to create and deliver stunning presentations. It allows you to animate the contents of your slides to create and present a slideshow that will wow the audience. You may use multimedia like audio and visual files to get your point across and firmly present your case.

  • Skype

Skype is an app that is erasing distance, one Skype call at a time. It allows high-quality video calling feature where you can communicate with your near and dear ones. You can even work remotely or attend meetings without having to step out of your office! The handy Instant Messaging window allows you to leave a message when the other party is not available.

  • Excel

Excel spreadsheets are making data processing and analysis as easy as reciting the alphabets. You can define your own formulas and feed it into the cells to carry out whatever operation that you may wish to execute. Furthermore, you can create interesting and captivating charts and infographics related to the figures that you have entered on the spreadsheet.

  • OneDrive

OneDrive is a repository for all that files that you wish to backup and store digitally on the cloud. Microsoft offers 1TB of data storage on the servers, which can host an ample amount of data. All your personal and work-related data gets backed up on OneDrive so that you no longer have to fear losing the vital information.

  • OneNote

OneNote is a virtual diary that allows you to store information in the form of typed text, written text, audio clips, or even doodles! It can work as your personal diary or your business organizer where you can pen down your important meetings or schedules. Plus, your work does not have to limited to yourself. With OneNote, you can share your diary and work collaboratively with anybody you wish!