How to accomplish season 7 week 5 Fortnite free challenge event

As the 14 days of Fortnite challenge has ended lately, players are all set for new challenge events for the coming week 5 of season 7.

As Fortnite players recently got to experience the holiday theme event and were thrilled with various grand rewards, a lot of speculations are floating around for the next challenge series for this awesome battle royale style game.

With the week 5 of season 7 players are excited to access new challenges for 2019s first week and are anticipating for some awesome goodies.

The upcoming week five of the challenge series is anticipated to have a few of the past events and some of them turn out to be quite tough to complete.

 Players who are playing this game for some time may not feel the upcoming tasks to be that challenging as they may have already accomplished such tasks earlier.

The main concern lies with the newcomers and noobs who have recently joined Fortnite.

If you are looking for various free events for the week five challenge event, then go through the given below a list of tasks that you will require to complete during week 5.

Landing to different spots

As to previous challenge events, players of Fortnite would require parachuting to different locations on the map to complete this task.

First players require to land at Polar Peak, which is one of the latest locations added to the map in the newest winter update.

You will require landing to various other locations as well which are Loot Lake, Fatal Field, Snobby Shores, and Tomato Temple.

As there are five different locations to visit you would require five separate matches to land at all the different areas to accomplish this task.

Dealing 5000 damage to the opponent’s structures

To complete this second task, players require dealing 5000 damage to the opponent’s defensive structures.

 Although regular players would have no such problem in accomplishing this task, what you have to keep in mind is to maintain a strategy of eliminating any possible defensive structure that you find.

It could turn out to be quite challenging for players with any amount of skills to deal with the enemy while trying to destroy the enemy structures.

You can go with any weapon of your choice to destroy the structures but opting for dynamite sticks, or grenade could prove to be much more effective.

Kill three opponents with suppressed weapon

Previously a number of similar challenges were offered by Fortnite, but this task requires a designated type of weapon to kill three different opponents.

This challenge turns out to be a little difficult to complete as you require a weapon with a suppressor on it. You can find such weapons mostly inside a loot chest or inside the building floors.

As soon as you land try hunting for chest nearby you and find a suppressed weapon, then you can use that weapon to eliminate three different players to accomplish this challenge.

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