Top 3 Security Tools and Tests for Safeguarding Businesses

Cyber attacks can result in your business losing a lot of money. If you have a small-sized company, then you should consider investing in cybersecurity.

Cybercriminals are always on a lookout for methods to surpass or avoid security suite and access the computers and networks. For this reason, it is vital to secure all the devices and systems.

Cybercriminals keep on finding novel ways to launch attacks. Therefore, business owners should always be equipped with the latest technology and methods to protect their devices and data.

In this article, we will go through the different ways to protect your organization from malicious attacks and data theft.

1- Vulnerability scanning

Just like the name suggests, vulnerability scanners are capable of assessing the devices in the network for flaws and vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities can be used by malicious attackers who wish to access the system and information.

These scanning devices analyze the services and apps on the computer against an extensive database of identified vulnerabilities in the service such as ports and scripts that can possibly be used by cybercriminals who want to enter the system. By conducting vulnerability scans, you can examine the computers from different perspectives.

2- Penetration tests

Penetration testing is also commonly called pen testing. It refers to the procedure wherein IT professionals launch attacks on a network to check its security.  These attacks resemble real ones, but with individual controls.

Many people often get confused between vulnerability scanning and penetration testing. On the one hand, with the help of vulnerability scanning, you can find out the flaws in the computer and network. On the other hand, with pen testing, you can check how hackers can access the data, etc. Irrespective of how big or small the company is pen tests should be carried out on a regular basis.’

3- Software update checks

If your OS and other software are not upgraded, then malicious parties can access your network using the vulnerabilities. New updates keep getting released, and they come with patches to fix known bugs and vulnerabilities. Therefore, it is essential to install updates as and when they occur.

In a majority of scenarios, it is easy to install the updates manually or automatically. Make sure that the OS, 3rd part apps, and all the drivers are up-to-date. When it comes to security suites, ensure that auto-update feature is turned on.

Even though conducting tests is essential for safeguarding the business, to get the best results, pair the tests with a robust and multi-layered security suite.

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