Google to Connect Meet With Microsoft Skype

On the morning of Monday, Google announced that their enterprise video calling application, known as Hangouts Met, will be able to connect directly to the competing application, such as Microsoft Skype for Business. By taking this decision, Google is attempting to build market share by trying to aid consumers to make sense of a complicated excess of applications and services over the video conferencing application industry.

The demand for collaboration applications is surging, and Google is attempting to make its communication applications extra appealing and ubiquitous by making them compatible with an extensive collection of competing applications. It is considered that the video conference business is worth $16 billion and is anticipated to increase 20 percent every year, scoring $41 billion by the year 2022, as per the reports of Forbes. Google, which released Meet at the beginning of 2017, is trying to etch out space for itself solely by becoming omnipresent.

For an illustration of how complex the chat and video conference industry is, look no farther than the product lineup of Google itself. Until a year ago, Google had a  video conferencing app which was focussed on business named Hangouts, and it had two user applications — Google Allo for chat and Google Duo for video calls. Next, to catch on Slack more efficiently, Google divided Hangouts into two apps which were Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. This gives a minimum of four conferencing or chat applications offered just by Google.

 In a blog article, the director of product management at G Suite by Google, Rany NG said that the average worker uses approximately 36 cloud services for the purpose of collaboration and sharing documents, resulting in delays and wasted time as they are struggling to ensure that all of the 36 applications are working well together. Google is trying to curb down these inconvenient times at the beginning of a meeting when collaborators are trying to connect and figure out who is on a call and who is unable to log in.

Google announced that this new integration would make it possible for the users of Skype to quickly join a meeting on Meet platform directly from the Skype application. A spokesperson for Google said that Google had no need to get the permission of Microsoft for connecting to Skype. Rather, Google was equipped to join Meet with Skype and other applications by partnering with an IaaS company named Pexip, which utilizes Microsoft APIs to connect third-party applications with Skype.

Apart from this, Prexip makes sure that the Hangout Meet is compatible with a broad range of other conferencing services and applications such as Polycom, Microsoft Surface Hub, and Cisco. A spokeswoman for Google said that Meet would be able to work with any video and conference service which uses SIP/H.323, which are the two most common standard protocols for communication. Moreover, people who use Hangout Chat will not have to pay any additional amount in order to chat with people outside of their company or domain.

On Monday, Google also stated that the other applications in Google’s G suite productivity software lineup would also link with 3rd party applications and services. For instance, Google Calendar will work along with the MS Exchange Resource Booking as well as 3rd party conferencing. This means that users will be able to click on a link in the calendar invite and reserve a conference room or join a conference from their mobile or web.

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