How to Disable Lock Screen Ads in Windows 10

You could use a MacBook, or a Windows device, a Personal Computer or a mobile phone, Windows or iOS, immaterial of our varied preferences, one thing is constant – We all hate advertisements. When an ad pops up while you watch a video or a full page ad blows into your screen when you are wreaking havoc in a boss bottle; it can really leave you frustrated. And if these ads are not annoying enough, Windows 10 has come up with in-built advertisements that add fuel to the spam flame. It seems as though these ads are the price to pay for getting a copy of Windows 10 for free! Even the paid versions have ads anywhere it can be squeezed- from the Start Menu to Cortana, and everywhere else.

These advertisements can get really overwhelming, especially if you are a veteran who deals with Operating Systems regularly. Luckily, there is a way to disable these ads without having to install any third party apps. You can easily disable the ads on your Windows 10 device if you know the correct switches to fiddle with. Here is a guide to disable the lock screen ads on your Windows 10 device.

Steps to disable lock screen ads in Windows 10

  1. Open the settings application on your device.
  2. Click on “Personalization” and choose “Lock Screen.”
  3. Under the “Background” tab, disable the Windows Spotlight by choosing a different option, either a Picture or a Slideshow. Disabling Windows Spotlight will, in turn, disable the ads that show up on your lock screen.
  4. When you choose the “Picture” option, turn off the option that offers “fun facts, tips, tricks, and more” on your lock screen.

Follow the steps mentioned above, and the next time you are waking up your device or turning it on, you will no longer be welcomed by the bothersome ads placed on your lock screen by Windows Spotlight.

Keep track of this space to find ways to disable other ads in Windows 10.

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