Microsoft Re-launching Blockchain Game With New Services

Now, the Microsoft is looking to re-enter the blockchain game with some new services that aim to help the settle payment disputes of the users.

However, some of the Windows 10 makers has disclosed that a new service aimed at help companies to manage their royalty and rights of payments by using the technology.

One of the services which are powered by the Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform will principally seem to target the gaming space, where the rights disputes can frequently prove very costly for all the content providers.

Microsoft will allow the real-time access and also the insight into the transactions, with some of the new smart contract systems which helps the user by confirming that the correct people get always paid for their work.

Recently, the Microsoft is hoping that the network will definitely become one of the world’s leading enterprise blockchain ecosystems when it is fully operational, probably the processing millions of transactions per day.

Step up

Recently, the Microsoft has been signed up with the banking titan EY, for helping the support service, and the game’s publisher Ubisoft is already set to be one of the first test subjects with fully launching soon and set to be progressively rolled out around the world.

The original network is built by using the Quorum blockchain protocol and also by the Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure and by including the blockchain technologies and also implements some confidentiality of agreements across the entities.

Paul Brody, EY Global Innovation Leader of Blockchain said, the scale volume and complexity of digital rights and royalties transactions will make it a perfect application for blockchains.

A blockchain can easily handle the inimitable nature of each contract between the digital licensors and rights owners which can be handled in a scalable, efficient manner with the audit trail for the applicants. By deploying it on the Microsoft Azure, Microsoft believes that this will be highly scalable across thousands of royalties and the content partners.

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